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  1. That's why it's worth looking at the many explanations, questions, reactions and Fabio references Gosling has given for the "Hey Girl" meme.

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Ryan Gosling: beloved smouldering star of the silver screen, budding fantasy directorand one-man internet meme generator. He may be taking a break from acting for now, but we're not worried about suffering withdrawal symptoms because on the internet, Gosling is second only to LOL Cats in terms of the sheer volume of content he's inspired. Here are ten of ryan gosling hey girl meme favourite Gosling-inspired online creations.

Hey Girl. Ryan Gosling' Tumblr. In case you're somehow not familiar with this one, it's literally just images of Gosling superimposed with sentences that begin with the words "Hey girl Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal. McHenry's inspiration?

Feminist Ryan Gosling. Ours is reversed and somehow it's perceived as pornographic," he argued. And thus, Feminist Ryan Gosling was born. This one's so popular that it's even become a coffee table book. Ryan Gosling breaks up a street fight in New York. Because that's just the kind of ryan gosling hey girl meme that he is.

Shortly after this, Gosling was also reported to have saved a journalist from getting hit by a car in New York. He's effectively Spider-Man without the lycra at this point. Librarian Hey Girl. You're probably getting the hang of these now.

In this instance, Gosling really, really loves both you and the library. Ryan Gosling reacts to a dish towel with his face on it. It turns out the only thing Ryan Gosling does as well as inspiring weird stuff is reacting to the weird stuff he inspires.

Here, a quite brilliant interviewer presents him with a dish towel adorned with three different images of his face, and his overwhelmed response is absolute gold. Ryan Gosling Disneyland Cats. We're not entirely sure ryan gosling hey girl meme to go about explaining this Tumblr, quite honestly. What we know is that it combines photographs of Disneyland with photographs of Gosling and photographs of cats. It was apparently inspired by a quote from Gosling wherein he theorised that Disneyland "has been breeding an ryan gosling hey girl meme of cats Take from all of this what you will.

Ryan Gosling catches a fly in mid-air during an interview. Because, once ryan gosling hey girl meme, that's just the kind of guy that he is. Not a moment's hesitation. Not the slightest falter. Typographer Ryan Gosling. Bilder der weiblichen arsch galerie loves you, but he is also very committed to ensuring that you select the correct typeface, leading and kerning settings for your publication. Ryan Gosling dances with a dog.

Technically, yes, he's doing this in character as motorcycle stunt rider turned bank robber Luke. But this moment has Gosling-improv written all over it.

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