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So she got out of bed proceeded to the wardrobe in the far corner. She stripped down and put her clothes in a basket, all she could think about was stripping for a certain orange haired shinigami known as ichigo kurosaki.

Ichigo was now fully clothed sitting on his bed proceeding looking out the window. But unaware to him, Yoruichi had let herself inside his house and sneaked up the stairs hiding her spiritual pressure she pounced just when she was behind him, she said a soft "boo.

Ichigo couldn't hide the blush on his face at the distance between the two. Ichigo licked her bottom lip for permission and she complied by opening her mouth and that's bleach hentai ichigo auf yoruichi fickt the mighty battle for dominance began. Ichigo slowly reached down and gently grabbing yoruichi's breasts and gave them a little squeeze and rub in result she let out a long throaty moan.

Yoruichi then broke the kiss to take their clothes off. She slowly lifted his shirt over his head admiring his well toned abs and chest muscles. Once that was done she took her shirt off painfully slow which further aroused him more. She slowly got off of him to unbuckle his belt then proceeded to take his pants off throwing them in the corner. She then removed his boxer to release the big piece of man meet. She then licked up his member causing a low moan "Yoruichi. She then stuck her tongue out and swirled it around the head of his manhood causing him to tense and his member to twitch several times.

Yoruichi then began to bob her head up and down. Yoruichi bleach hentai ichigo auf yoruichi fickt swallowing all the white substance, and eventually there was to much to down so she pulled his member out of her mouth and the rest flew freely on her face and breasts. She looked up to see Ichigo in total bliss, she turned and pulled her pants and black lace panties off and threw them to the other side of the room.

She then got on top and whispered in his ear "it's your turn bad boy"she said seductively,Ichigo however was confident and ready to return the favor so he flipped so he was on top then whispered something in her bleach hentai ichigo auf yoruichi fickt. She has never seen him like this before and his words sent shivers down her spine.

Ichigo climbed off and got on his knees, he then reese witherspoon erwachsenen fake porno her legs out and inched his face closer to her soaking wet womanhood. Once they made contact she moaned in surprise. Ichigo then spread her lips out and then stuck his tongue in and wiggled around making the sensation so much better.

Ichigo continued pleasuring her, then raised his hand and with his thumb started rubbing her clit at the same time as licking. He then got his free hand and raised it to her left breast and began bleach hentai ichigo auf yoruichi fickt fondle it. He raised his head and began devouring the white sweet liquid bleach hentai ichigo auf yoruichi fickt he was finished he looked up to see her in total bliss.

Yoruichi just slowly nodded her head thinking. Ichigo leaned down and grabbed her right breast and bleach hentai ichigo auf yoruichi fickt huskily. There you go i hope you enjoyed this lemon because it was my first on so far message me if you want me to continue with the lemons and suggest other couples to and i might do for you ASH OUT.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Yoruichi woke up and felt shivers go down her spine by just by thinking of a certain orange haired shinigami. Only one thing was in her mind as she was getting dressed "I must take Ichigo's virginity now. One Shot. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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