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  1. At times, the therapist can stand and sit on the client while realigning them to either internal or external alignments.

  2. Both styles can lower the resting heart rate, relax muscles and relieve back pain.

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Swe-thai massage therapy is a unique type of massage that successfully and delightfully blends the relaxing strokes of the Swedish massage with the wonderful stretching techniques of traditional thai massage.

This may be the ultimate combination therapy for relaxation. Vuxenlekar thai massage in sweden is a full body massage service, but it does focus on the neck and back areas. Therefore, it easily addresses the areas where most people carry stress. The swe-thai massage session requires 80 minutes.

You will disrobe and lie face down on the table, under the covers. The therapist uses massage oil or lotion to reduce friction on the skin. Throughout the service, the back and neck areas will receive a lot of attention. Your massage therapist will check with vuxenlekar thai massage in sweden intermittently about pressure and your comfort level. Always tell your therapist if the pressure or stretch is too much. At times, your therapist will move onto the massage table. Working on top and over you, they will use their arms and legs to manipulate the muscles.

This position increases the power delivered for deeper depths and more accurate stretches. Your massage session will reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

Relaxation will reign supreme. Undoubtedly, you will experience an improvement in the range of motion in your neck and back. Better range of motion ensures more flexibility. And, more flexibility means less injury.

Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins that were released. Avoid alcoholic beverages, caffeine and other toxins. This massage is great for the body on several levels. Unless you receive therapy during the treatment that leaves you tender, you can go several times a week. However, ask your vuxenlekar thai massage in sweden therapist for their recommendations. As an affiliate, we earn a small commission for qualifying purchases via links on this site.

The commission is paid by the advertiser and does not affect the price of the product or cost the consumer. It is how we help pay to keep this site free to use!

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