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Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. Analingus bild powered by phpbb likes it? Personally, I've never done analingus bild powered by phpbb. RichardTheFrogOct 16, Love to give it to the wife. It can be an inherent part of making love.

Total ass eater here. Got to do it. Forget all the "just out of the shower" crap. Love the smell and taste of a musty hole. I've spent years avoiding it, then one day I gave it a go. Best move I ever made. Let me at it, spread those cheeks. JimInPhilaOct 18, Booty is for pirates. RainyDayHypeOct 18, Love pleasing my girlfriend. Just went for it one day out of the shower and she analingus bild powered by phpbb it. She however doesn't like to do it to me.

That's ok though Sparky PaulOct 21, IrminsulOct 21, I like doing it to the wife. She like receiving it. I like to give it and I find the girl always loves it! Love to receive it Annwyn'BriOct 25, I like to give and recieve.

NonnyOct 26, I love to lick girls ass-holes they taste so sweet. As a guy that has always craved women's butt's when Analingus bild powered by phpbb looked at them walking, I just wanted to always bury my face between them, never dreaming that some day they would actually let me stick my tongue up there. I have been fortunate enough to tongue fuck 6 girls butt-holes. Always love their reaction. When I was 32 I got to lick this 17 year old married girls ass-hole.

She started to turn over and I grabbed her sweet tiny little butt and held it there and licked her crack up and down. She gasped! Analingus bild powered by phpbb was so awesome. She loved it and even told her husband that she had some guy do something to her that she really liked, analingus bild powered by phpbb he guessed who it was, he said it was the mailman wasn't it.

Yep, that was me. She said he tried to do it but it wasn't the same. Another time when I was 44 I got to lick an 18 year old virgins ass-hole, just 14 weeks before her marriage. She giggled so cute it drove me crazy, she had the best body in the world too. I would have ate her ass from then till the end of time. This other time analingus bild powered by phpbb I was 42 there was this analingus bild powered by phpbb year old girl that didn't feel well and had been in bed for a couple of days without a shower.

I pulled her panties down and could smell that she had no shower so I decided I would clean her up with my tongue. I actually absolutely love the smell of young girls butts and would clean them at any time.

The last girl was 26 and I was 50, she would get drunk while I would tongue fuck her ass. Sometimes I would get my finger way up in there and get some shit on it and would have to really suck on it for a long time to get the smell off of it but I would do it because I didn't want her to be embarrassed. So, lately decided to do it to a few guys.

This black guy and I did some rimming at the same time. He had analingus bild powered by phpbb great round little ass and he tasted great. This past week I experienced something I never thought i would do, this guy gave it to me up the ass, but not before I rimmed him. He wasn't clean like the girls, that is until I got finished, then he gave it to me and I loved it, before he came though he pulled out and www miss luana, sex galleries com me suck him off for a couple of minutes before exploding in my mouth.

He tasted so good after being in my ass. That is how girls need to be, just like me. If I could find a girl with my attitude we would be perfect together and she would never have to get out of bed in the night to go to the bathroom. I would take care of that sweet thing.

I think you just admitted to child molestation. RichardTheFrogNov 24, No, she was married and had way more experience than I did. She also liked to play the rusty trombone, jealous homo. If you were 32, and she was That is illegal. Not is she was married to a guy older than me dumb ass. He wanted her to do other things like accept money from guys and even do dogs and I kept her from doing it so you judgmental freak go fuck yourself.

It's still child molestation. Due to the ages, it is illegal. Better check your states records you are dead wrong. She had a child, she was a full grown woman. I was the best thing she had ever experienced so just go fuck yourself you stupid ass dumb shit. You have no idea what you are talking about.

In some states it is legal at 16 by the analingus bild powered by phpbb. So, age isn't what makes someone a man or a woman either. You and Dr. Phil are so full of yourselfs you are out of touch with reality. She loved it I loved it and if she were 12 years old I have no doubt that she would be more mature than you dumbass.

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